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E500 LTE Capacity Test System

  • Supports true LTE load testing over the RF interface in FDD and TDD environments
  • Simulates from 100’s to 1000’s of LTE UEs over one to multiple cells
  • Comprehensive Layer 1-3 measurements for trouble-shooting
  • Generate traffic profiles using real data services and applications
  • Supports remote access and multiple users
  • Based on a high-performance hardware platform ready for 4x4 MIMO and extendable for LTE-A

The E500 is a LTE capacity test system based upon the proven TM500 Series UE Test Mobile, the de facto industry standard for testing LTE infrastructure equipment.

The E500 hardware is flexible and scalable depending upon the number of UEs and number of cells required. The system offers true end-to-end LTE load testing
with real data application traffic including Quality of Service and Quality of Experience measurements in both FDD and TDD environments.

The Aeroflex E500 LTE Capacity Test System's unique capabilities has brought it recognition in the market, it has now won two Product of the Year awards. E500 systems are in use worldwide with Operators/Carriers and Network Equipment Vendors.

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