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PXI RF Combiners

The PXI 3060 Series of RF combiners offer a variety of RF signal conditioning and interconnection possibilities for test system integrators. The modules are ideally suited for use in conjunction with PXI 3000 Series RF signal generators and RF digitizer modules. Together these modules enable the development of compact, high-performance, low-cost, modular RF test systems

3066 Multi-Way Active RF Combiner (250 MHz – 6 GHz)

  • 3066 provides multiple configurable forward and reverse signal paths with amplification and power combiner/dividers in a single 2 slot wide PXI module.
  • 3066 is ideal for any ATE system development where stimulus and response RF test resources need to be multiplexed or shared between multiple test ports.  It is particularly well suited to mobile UE RF transceiver test applications such as smartphones, wireless access points and routers which all have multiple antenna connections either for MIMO or multi radio technologies. 
  • Four device under test port connections are provided. Each be configured as input ports, output ports or in/out ports.
  • RF in and RF out port interface with external signal analyzer and signal generator test resources

The 3060 Series RF combiners simplify test fixture design

  • Integrated RF switch and power combiners
  • Frequency range up to 2.7 GHz or 6 GHz
  • Fast response RF switching
  • Internally stored calibration data
  • Single slot 3U high

PXI RF Combiners diagram

In addition to providing summing of signals the 3060 Series modules support various input and output switched path configurations to enable testing of single port and multi port RF devices.
Signal path compensation data is stored internally and can be used to correct RF level for PXI modular systems.

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